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Our Vision

A World On Fire

Nexzus, aside from our name being a cool word spelled even cooler, we take pride in the true meaning of the word itself. Our goal is all about connection... Our team is made up solely of Performers, from Our new Dj recruits to our management and owner. WE LOVE  MUSIC!! We love how it makes us feel and how it can transcend any thought or emotion with that direct connection. Our goal is to spread that feeling of power and freedom we all feel when we are allowed to be ourselves and just dance. We truly believe that dance is a mental cure, a free state of mind, a life style, a great journey through ones self and hope for humanity. Our mission is a vision of the future and we hold it in high regard! Every time we perform, we set the dancefloor ablaze and we keep connection in mind allowing us to truly go above and beyond, create, nurture and keep that connection strong with all of our customers. With you, we can go on this journey together and change the world one party at a time. So please,