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DJ Services

Jam out with one of our amazing professional DJs and Experience the thrill, flavor and personality that makes our Nexzus groove team so special!

MC Services

Need someone to host your event? Our DJS are skilled MCs with years of social engagement and expertise.  Whether its hosting a wedding, announcements, birthday shout outs or just plain keeping it lit. We have the mic ready to blaze at any moment!

Lighting Services

What's a pristine dance party without fun floor lighting? We offer several phenomenal lighting experiences for your event at great pricing! Every show our team is trained and ready to provide an unparralled light show for your sick dance moves! Let's take this party to the next level!

Virtual DJ Services

Want a cool party anywhere? Anytime? Our virtual DJ service is top notch! Killer Djs and insane high resolution graphics and video will transport you and your guess to poppin club scene, festival or even the mountains? Where ever your crew wants to party, we'll take you there!!

DJ Packages


Our wedding Djs have years of hands on musical and customer experience in the wedding industry and understand the importance of this special day.  on point preparation, customer attentiveness, and continuous contact along with great Dj and Mc skills make our method a sure pick when it comes to getting all the details and key moments right, because its not just about the music, it's about you!


Well well, you've come to party? what's your celebration? We do ANYTHING from birthday parties, graduations, seasonal celebrations, house parties, to even a good old back yard BBQ. With a wide set of equipment for different spaces and needs for sound and lighting, we are ready! Our talented team has the same mindset every time. LET'S GET THIS PARTY JUMPIN!!!


Need music for your special event? We have worked with several high profile corporations to see that they have a fantastic event every single time. We have worked with notable clients as such as The Denver Zoo, Colorado university, Orange theory, several charities, Local schools and much much more. Let's take your event tp the next level!

Check out our awesome DJ packages!!

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Denver Special!!


Hourly Rate

For Denver Metro Clients Only

1-4 hr session 

($100 hourly rate after 5 hours)

DJ/MC performance




Hourly Rate

Clients outside of Denver metro area 

($125 hourly rate after 50 miles)

1-8 hour session 

DJ/MC Performance


Resident DJ Service

20%-30% Off

Per Performance

For 4 or more multiple bookings yearly only

2-6 hr session

DJ/MC performance


Special Packages

All special packages are built to customers needs, for inquiry and pricing please leave mention in the booking section or during contact

          Virtual DJ

Have your party taste catered to you anywhere in the world, anytime! Our top tier performers are trained in the latest streaming software's and green screen tech to bring you a phenomenal performance with insane graphics and perfect party vibes every time!

      Festival Lighting

We have great lighting packages, but none as crazy as this one!

This package includes professional dance lighting setup by the legendary 303 lazers of Denver, Colorado. These are the same setups seen in huge tours, clubs and festival acts like SoDown and K Camp. They sheer level of options with this one will create and experienced that  you and your guests will never forget and talk about for years to come!

Click for Information & Booking.

I wanna dance!